you decide

Step 1: Make a decision

Step 2: Take action

Step 3: Let go of the outcome

Commitment is easy once you have decided – If you want to play safe then things will stay: As is

If you do not take any action – you have not truly decided

Where are you now? – As is

Where do you want to be? – By when? (be realistic) – TO BE 

What is the gap? (between where you are now and where you want to be)

What actions do you need to take to close the gap?

Keep it simple and break it down into small steps

Stay patient – What is for you will not go by you.

People often quit when they are close to success, persistence pays – if you keep going, keep growing, success will come eventually.

‘A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.’ – Napoleon Hill

Decide, then let go of the outcome.

Your job is to take action on the 3 things you can control, they are:-

1. Prepare

2. Show up

3. Do your best

If you want different results you have to stretch yourself outside your comfort zone, its scary but at least you will feel ALIVE.

My college professor used to say “The falls of our life provide us with the energy to propel ourselves to a much higher level.” so I decided to transform my suffering into insight….

Read this inspirational story:

Let go in order to grow.

Play this SONG:

EnJOY the process.

Set your intention

Live your TO BE actions

Let go and trust……..What is for you will not go by you.

successful people unsuccessful people


PS. I use this picture as a training aid at Nacro – I get the young people to spot the spelling mistake?
(gets them to focus on the content)
I did not spot it – proved to me how much I skim read!

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    can you spot the spelling mistake in the picture ?

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