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In May 2015 I published a blog about Waitrose Give and Gain Event

I am very impressed by the many initiatives the John Lewis Partnership  has, in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Community really does matter – to WaitroseIMG_6941

The Green Token scheme is one of the many ways Waitrose gives to the local community.

Every month Waitrose donates up to £1000 to three good causes chosen by Waitrose customers.

In the month of July this year, Nacro Bracknell was featured in the green token scheme at Waitrose Bracknell, alongside 2 other local charities, we got the opportunity by building relationships with the Waitrose community matters team at Waitrose GiveandGain events and thanks to the recommendation of Nacro by WPC 5829 Lucy McDonnell of the Bracknell Youth Offending Team.

Nacro is the middle box ~ Pictured mid July 2015 Lucy with Lucinder and Linda from Waitrose

Big thanks to WPC Lucy McDonnell for putting Nacro forward.

Nacro green token box raised £538  the most out of the three charities who were in the July 2015 green token scheme, which shows great support from the local community for the work we do in Nacro, at Bracknell Nacro we provide education services for young people, we have a construction workshop and work pairing courses.


Alison and Lucinder of Waitrose presenting the cheque to Rose of Nacro


Waitrose created a ‘BIG’ cheque so I could take some pictures to put on Twitter. @rosesevans

BIG Thanks to Waitrose ‪#‎Bracknell‬ customers for their generosity in the July (green token) Waitrose community matters scheme
Lucinda & Alison
Presenting the cheque to Rose @Nacro_

John Lewis partnership / Waitrose community matters team have rules about how the money is to be spent; they stipulate the green token scheme money is to be spent locally.

We are aiming to spend this on an interactive white board for the Nacro Bracknell centre.

All Waitrose stores have a Community Matters Team and Nacro Bracknell will now be participating in the green token scheme every year.

John Lewis Partnership a great example of quality CSR.



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