Lucky 7 ~ We’ve waited 77 years! – Many congratulations Andy Murray ‎#wimbledon

Andy Murray won his first Wimbledon title and ended Britain’s

77-year wait for a men’s champion with a hard-fought victory over world number one Novak Djokovic.  The 26 year old Scot, converted his fourth championship point in a dramatic final game to

win 6-4 7-5 6-4 and claim his second major title.


andy murray

Today is 7th day of 7th Month ~ #LUCKY 7

Was it luck or discipline and determination?

My favorite status update’s from ‘The Book’ which was immediately buzzing with comment…

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Andy McKenzie My thoughts on Andy Murray winning Wimbledon….

It’s more than just tennis for me. The man has shown when literally millions of people doubt your ability and yet deep inside you can remain strong and true then you can achieve what happens inside your head…People are too quick to judge, want results today and see failure as a detriment to success.Andy Murray- I love that your a miserable looking bastard on court….but I see complete focus, deep standards and unrelenting belief….To the millions….please keep quiet, because there is a man or woman doing everything opposite to what your thinking is achievable….Murray- Your a legend son….
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Loony Lord Toby Jug  : ‘Poor old Fred Perry. Now all he’s got are his shirts.’
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Debbie Shaffer : I was born in England but have lived in Wales for most of my life…I couldn’t care less if he was English, Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish – we’re all BRITISH and should be proud to be part of a (supposedly) UNITED Kingdom, when the rest of the world seems to be falling apart. Andy is Scottish and rightly proud of that fact – but he’s also a UK citizen – and it’s victories like today’s that put the “Great” in Britain.

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The final game was a battle in itself, with Murray seeing three match points slip by from 40-0 and fending off three Djokovic break points with some fearless hitting, before the Serb netted a backhand to end the contest.

After a grueling three hours 10 minutes in searing temperatures, Murray had finally followed in the footsteps of Fred Perry’s 1936 win at the All England Club.

Has me thinking about Resilience and Practice makes perfect

Be satisfied with daily Progress rather than Perfection is something I say a lot to people ~ to master ANYTHING needs practice, however, all too often people give up at the first hurdle – or they actually give up when they are just about to make it – the nail biting final and earlier matches had me wondering if Andy Murray would make it, but then I heard the commentator say ‘look he is on autopilot’ – I have learned that effortless success comes when the unconscious competence kicks in and that only happens with lots of practice.

As one of my favorite authors Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind mapping  says – How dare you NOT fail – the only way you will learn and to grow is to fail

“The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.” ~ Paulo Coelho author of The Alchemist 

I was thinking about last year and how close Andy Murray came and that made me think that everything in life has its TIME, especially success, because worthwhile, meaningful success often takes time to build. Time and Perseverance.

There will be plenty of JOY in Wimbledon SW19 tonight ~ people celebrating right NOW

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery……today is a GIFT…that’s why it’s called the PRESENT….live in the NOW, in the MOMENT.

I also found myself thinking of Martina Navratilova when she won a car challenge in the jungle, she collected the full 12 stars in her first bushtucker trial, she likened it to tennis and said how crucial being in the moment was, because if your mind wanders and you take your focus away from the present you lose focus

First she was winched up into the air at the wheel of a Mini, then she had to climb out of the sunroof and go from bonnet to bonnet of four other dangling vehicles, searching for yellow stars.
martina 2
BEing in the NOW dissolves any future catastrophic thoughts; being in the NOW also alleviates dwelling on past bad memories ~ both of which can lead to stress and losing the game.
Cognitive distortion
Just BE

We spend too much time either in the past or worrying about the future, and not enjoying what’s happening right NOW.

Worry will not make you safe or successful ~ just worried!

Those who are resilient and keep going will win through in the end.
Tim_Henman, retired English professional tennis player, spoke to Andy Murray

“I was privileged enough to go into the locker room straight after the match and Andy was basically in a state of shock. “I just gave him a big hug when I got in there and said ‘I really don’t know how you did that’ and he said ‘nor do I’.”  It’s just an incredible achievement and the magnitude of what has happened is still sinking in. “He is such a student of the game that he can remember all of his results from the juniors, he remembers all the matches he has played, the shots he has made, but he had no recollection whatsoever about that final game today. It was just a blur. “I spoke to all his team in the locker room and there was champagne being sprayed everywhere. I ducked out of the way but Andy wasn’t so lucky and got absolutely soaked. “He had a swig himself which is quite something for a teetotaller – he must have been celebrating! However, as soon as he swallowed it he said ‘disgusting’. ~ Tim Henman on Andy Murray

 It comes down to keeping your head in the moment.

Praveen Bhardwaj posted an excellent question in The Stress Management Society forum on LinkedIn

His question: What is your favorite activity that keeps stress in check?  Meditation, exercise, jogging, breathing – there are so many activities that you could indulge in. But there are 1 or 2 that suit us. What exactly suits you?
Praveen went on to say ‘ But being human, we are always a little less than perfect!..So, some lapses here and there are pardonable 🙂
Often, striving for our ideals, and not being able to live up to them, discourages us, and we are pulled off the track — again!!
I must say that this should not happen..Being just human, we are never perfect — the ideal should be a guiding light, which is always a few meters away from us — but sufficiently attractive to keep us pulling!..
You have to want it enough to keep practicing – and Murray sure wanted to WIN

I wonder what Andy Murray was thinking, I wonder what he was actually saying to himself among the noise of the crowds?

Did God intervene? Was there a divine presence? Did Quietism play a part?

In Quietism the mind is withdrawn from worldly interests to passively and constantly contemplate God. In this state, the soul no longer needs prayers, hymns, etc

Quietism in philosophy is an approach to the subject that sees the role of philosophy as broadly therapeutic or remedial. Quietist philosophers believe that philosophy has no positive thesis to contribute, but rather that its value is in defusing confusions in the linguistic and conceptual frameworks of other subjects, including non-quietist philosophy. By re-formulating supposed problems in a way that makes the misguided reasoning from which they arise apparent, the quietist hopes to put an end to man’s confusion, and help return to a state of intellectual quietude

Quietism is by its very nature not a philosophical school in the traditional sense of a body of doctrines, but can still be identified by its methodology, which is to focus on language and the use of words, and its objective, which is to show that most philosophical problems are only pseudo-problems.

The genesis of the approach can be traced back to Ludwig Wittgenstein

The moment Murray won Wimbledon

Andy Murray gathered his thoughts in a BBC TV interview telling Sue Barker:

“It was tough speaking after the match. There are a lot of people who have worked with me over the last 10 or 15 years or so.

“I didn’t know what to do with myself. The noise levels during the whole match were just incredible.” ~ Andy Murray

Clearly it was his TIME and his unconscious competence kicked in and he was able to rise above the noise and keep his head in the moment.

Is that luck or discipline and determination?

LUCK occurs when preparedness meets opportunity

If you relax and let yourself be guided luck will show up. ~ as with success if you get caught up in chasing it you could repel it.

Prepare – show up – do your best


Is everything predestined? ~ extract 

Fatalism is a kind of passive attitude to life. It accepts that whatever happens to us or the rest of creation is the result of unknown or mysterious forces that determine what we are now and what we will be in future. We have no choice but to go with the flow.

In this way we are all cogs or components in a huge grinding machine called creation that denies us free will and the courage to make something of our lives and the lives of others. Whether the force behind it all is God, other gods or the stars in the sky, this kind of determinism has been rejected by the Church because it makes no allowance for God’s infinite love and care for each of us and our own experience of free will (see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2115-7).

Predestination in the theological sense was developed especially by Calvin. He emphasised God’s absolute sovereignty over us. Our redemption depends on God and not on us, and even our free will depends on God. He concluded from this that God, in spite of our free will, predetermines who will be saved and who will not.

Most modern Protestants, especially the Lutherans, take a far less rigid view and admit that God does not destroy our free will to choose good or evil.

“To God all moments of time are present in their immediacy. When therefore he establishes his eternal plan of ‘predestination’, he includes in it each person’s free response to his grace” (600).

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Why go against the flow of life?

Security does not come from what you have or what you can do

Insecurity is just a scary thought that looks real

Wait a while and the thought will pass

Here is a brilliant metaphor in the form of a SONG ♫♥♪

The Brainchild I Am The River Final Cut

Sit by the side of a river, you have 3 choices :-

  1. You can stare into the water and have ideas: Drop out – skip life – watch only
  2. Drown – fight against the current
  3. Go with the flow ~ Let the river carry you

You cant stop the river ~ It chooses where it flows ♫♥♪

I was listening to Michael Neill and he said life is simple,  just let go of worry

Let life unfold ~ stop living in the feeling of your thinking

You don’t have to choose between fear or courage or make a choice ~ you have free will and therefore you could ignore Gods plan for you.

Its your choice, You can choose to have FAITH that a wider power has your back.

Having faith is actually easier than stressing about things beyond your control

Your business is to deal with things in your control.

Andy Murray chose discipline and focus.

No matter how hard the surfer is working the ocean is doing more of the work

If you just allow your life to unfold stress free and let go of worry, you can create (prepare) and make your own luck

‘Worry and being in your head distracts you from the joy of life ~ let go of worry

Remember – worry will not make you safe or successful just worried!

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What is LUCK?

Cultural views of luck vary from perceiving luck as a matter of random chance to attributing luck to faith or superstition.

The Romans believed in the embodiment of luck as the goddess Fortuna, while the philosopher Daniel Dennett believes that “luck is mere luck” rather than a property of a person or thing. Carl Jung viewed luck as synchronicity, which he described as “a meaningful coincidence”.

Dictionary Definitions of LUCK

Force that brings good fortune or adversity

The events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual

Favoring chance; also: success

To prosper or succeed especially through chance or good fortune

To come upon something desirable by chance


Fortunateness, fortune, luckiness


Mischance, misfortune, unluckiness

Related Words

Blessing, boon, fluke, godsend, hit, serendipity, strike, windfall; break, chance, opportunity; coup, stroke


Fortune favours the bold ~ The phrase means that Fortuna, the Goddess of luck, is more likely to help those who take risks or action.



Professor Richard Wiseman gave both lucky and unlucky people a newspaper, and asked them to look through it and tell him how many photographs were inside.  He had secretly placed a large message halfway through the newspaper saying: “Tell the experimenter you have seen this and win £250.”
This message took up half of the page and was written in type that was more than two inches high.
It was staring everyone straight in the face, but the unlucky people tended to miss it and the lucky people tended to spot it.

Unlucky ~ Stress and Anxiety

Unlucky people are generally more tense than lucky people, and this anxiety disrupts their ability to notice the unexpected.

As a result, they miss opportunities because they are too focused on looking for something else.

They go to parties intent on finding their perfect partner and so miss opportunities to make good friends.

They look through newspapers determined to find certain types of job advertisements and miss other types of jobs.

Lucky people ~ calm and create

• are more relaxed and open, and therefore see what is there rather than just what they are looking for.
• are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities
• Make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition.
• Create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations
• Adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.

Professor Wiseman’s four top tips for becoming lucky:
• Listen to your gut instincts – they are normally right
• Be open to new experiences and breaking your normal routine
• Spend a few moments each day remembering things that went well
• Visualise yourself being lucky before an important meeting or telephone call. Luck is very often a self-fulfilling prophecy


Lucky 7 ~ Whatever its cause, the appeal of synchronicity runs deep

In the film The Color Purple Oprah Winfrey plays Sofia

The Color Purple remains a timeless tale of tragedy and triumph, a testament to the power of love and the strength of the human spirit. The film chronicles the lives of poor African-American women born in Georgia in the early 1900s.

Through the eyes of Celie, the story’s central character, moviegoers witness the horrors these women face, including domestic abuse, incest and racism.

Sofia is the wife of Harpo – Harpo is Oprah spelt backwards (Serendipity) 

Oprah Winfrey shares why you can’t get what you want in life:-

God can dream a bigger dream for you than you can ever do for yourself.

Oprah said: When you have worked as hard and done as much and strived and tried and given and plead and bargained and hoped – Surrender. When you have done all that you can do, and there is nothing left for you to do. Give it up. Give it up to that thing that is greater than yourself and let it then become a part of the flow.

SURRENDER….Let it GO ♪♫•*¨*•.¸ and ask  ‘What would you God the universe have me do?

Have faith and remember “Footprints,” also known as “Footprints in the Sand,” a popular allegorical  text written in prose.


I believe it is what you do after winning that counts

I will end on what I think is the best tweet

Andy Murray donated £1.6m #Wimbledon prize money to the cancer research and care at the Royal Marsden Hospital. WOW!

win andy murray

Prepare, show up, do your best and you might just get LUCKY

Love & Smiles Rose x ☆¨¯`♥ ¸.☆¨¯`♥ ¸.☆¨¯`♥

PS. The only way to be sure in life is to live life ~ Go and check things out for yourself and don’t believe everything you read on social media. My heart sank when I went to retweet about the donation and read….

Just bumped into Andy Murray and asked him whether it’s correct he’s donating his entire prize-money to Royal Marsden. Not correct.

Oops! We jumped the gun on the Andy-donating-money rumor. Sorry! It’s not confirmed to be true. Our bad! 🙁

☆¨¯`♥ ¸.☆¨¯`♥ ¸.☆¨¯`♥

There are some great lessons in the erroneous Tweet:-

  1. What Andy Murray does with the prize money is his own business
  2. Don’t believe everything you read on social media
  3. Go and check things out for yourself.
  4. Trust your own instincts and judgement ~ do your best
  5. Your own life experiences and mistakes give you the best learning
  6. Always consider the source, check your facts with experts
  7. No one is perfect
  8. Mistakes happen for everyone; its how you deal with errors that matter
  9. When you make a mistake – clean it up FAST
  10. Forgiveness ~ “To err is human; to forgive, Divine.”

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Paul Hayward is The Telegraph’s Chief Sports Writer. He rejoined TMG in November 2011, after winning a series of awards for his work for the Daily Mail and the Observer.

It is easier to amend a blog post than change a newspaper once it has gone to print ~ however, any news  will become yesterdays fish and chip paper. So keep calm and carry on and be sure to CELEBRATE in the moment and then strive to WIN again. Life is just a series of moments. With discipline and determination and a bit of LUCK you can make special moments.

A victory for the men. The Guardian reminds us Four British women won Wimbledon since Fred Perry

I will now end with an extract from the brilliant sports commentary by expert 

More than anything, this is a story of self-advancement through dedication, of patience in the face of let-downs. In Ivan Lendl, Murray found a coach who forced him to confront the causes of defeats.

“I think I persevered,” Murray said. “That’s really been it, the story of my career probably. I had a lot of tough losses, but the one thing I would say is I think every year I always improved a little bit, every year my ranking was going in the right direction.

“No, I didn’t always feel it was going to happen. It’s incredibly difficult to win these events. I don’t think that’s that well understood sometimes.”

We understand it now. A Colossus led British tennis out of the darkness and achieved his own immortality. It was an inspiration. ~ @_PaulHayward

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