Lee McIntyre’s 30 ways to “get more done” during the next 30 days:

Distractions cause stress, overwhelm, overload. Lee McIntyre is my mentor who is helping me build an on-line business, he has compiled the brilliant list below of ways to get more done.

Make sure you are having FUN along the way and have defined a big enough reason WHY you are working towards your goal. Don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyway!

Sydney Banks R.I.P. said it beautifully in this picture

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Lee McIntyre’s 30 ways to “get more done” during the next 30 days:

(1) Go to bed earlier.
(2) Wake up earlier.
(3) Work on YOUR to-do list, not what’s on someone else’s list – be PROACTIVE not REACTIVE.
(4) Focus first on the day’s highest value task.
(5) Check email ONCE per day AFTER your most important tasks – I prefer late afternoon, and that’s it.
(6) Get down to “email zero” every day. ALWAYS. Don’t let things “lurk” in your inbox.
(7) Don’t use your inbox to store tasks – get them out of there and into your task management system.
(8) Shut down any systems that notify you when you have messages (email, Facebook, Skype, mobile, etc).
(9) Stay signed out of Facebook during “work time”.
(10) Stay signed out of Skype (and other messenger programs) except when you NEED them.
(11) Put your phone onto voicemail – stop taking unscheduled calls. You can return the calls later.
(12) Stay away from forums, unless using them SPECIFICALLY to generate leads – don’t go there to “gossip”.
(13) Have “work time” and “play time” – never have “in-between time” where you’re trying to do BOTH.
(14) Only work on tasks that are on your to-do list for RIGHT NOW.
(15) Keep a notepad with you at all times and as soon as you get the idea for a new task… document it for later, DON’T react and do it now.
(16) Drink plenty of water.
(17) Eat smaller meals, and more of them.
(18) Eat good stuff – give your body the fuel it needs.
(19) Get moving during the day – go for a run, a walk.. ANYTHING that gets you moving.
(20) Tidy up your workspace so that it’s free of clutter.
(21) Clean up your computer so those annoying notifications stop popping up while you’re working.
(22) Stop checking your stats multiple times a day – check all your web stats at the end of the day and THAT’S IT.
(23) Apply the 80/20 rule – only do tasks that add real value to your business. Be honest when evaluating every task you do.
(24) Avoid “multi tasking” – focus on ONE THING at once.
(25) Only have ONE tab open on your Internet browser – and this should be what you’re working on RIGHT NOW.
(26) Unplug your Ethernet cable, or turn off Wi-Fi, when your task doesn’t require the use of the Internet.
(27) Don’t let tasks clog up your brain – it will tire you out. Get everything into your task management system as soon as you think of it.
(28) Get clear on WHY you’re working and what you’ll reward yourself with when you achieve your goals – post pictures of this near your computer so that you’re always reminded.
(29) Invest in your body like you do in your business – hire a personal trainer and have them PUSH YOU like a mentor pushes you to improve your profits.
(30) Remove email and Facebook from your phone – avoid using valuable energy to be “always checking”.

I could go on and on… but I think you get the idea!! 🙂

Feel free to add any of your own suggestions to the comments below too.

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