Laughter, the best medicine

Comic Relief was excellent last night

Love Actually made me cry, so did Billy Connolly and Ed Sheeran who got so emotional while filming in the slums of Liberia during Comic Relief that he decided to help them out of his own pocket.
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Love Actually dominated the box office when it was released in November 2003. Love Actually creator Richard Curtis’ wife, Emma Freud, was script editor, she was replying to Tweets during the premier and revealed  Alan Rickman’s character DID have a full-blown affair!
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Billy Connolly, who is sometimes known, especially in his native Scotland, by the nickname The Big Yin, meaning The Big One, has been married to his second wife, comedian and psychologist Pamela Stephenson, since 1989.
His observational comedy is “idiosyncratic” and often “off-the-cuff“. Looking more frail as he read from autocue, the silver-haired star did not appear to have lost his sense of humour as he joked about his appearance.

” Hello, Billy Connolly here asking for your cash. Not for me obviously. I’ve got cancer and Parkinson’s and I definitely need a haircut, but no.”

Billy then told viewers why it was so important to donate to Comic Relief by introducing Bob, Jo and Margaret, who had all been affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia in different ways.
He concluded his plea by introducing himself once more to those who may not be familiar with his work, laughing:

“For those who don’t know me, I’m the hilarious comedian with a weird beard who once took all of his clothes off for comic relief.”

Billy Connolly first appeared on Red Nose Day in 1986

The Scotsman first appeared on Red Nose Day in 1986

👏#RedNoseDay 👍😃

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Laughter defuses nerves
I am reminded of my old boss who, when we were visiting a prospective client for the first time, would turn to me in earshot of the receptionist and say ‘I am a very important man’
Sometimes the most inappropriate things can lighten the mood!


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