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I am proud to say I have known Daniel Priestley for c5 years, his knowledge of how to run a successful business is second to none and comes from his passion for studying the Sunday Times Rich list, and his innate ability to network at the highest level, he has an understanding of business that is both current and realistic.

Daniel is an unassuming, lovely person, I have a tremendous respect for his approach and business acumen.

Daniel started out as an entrepreneur in 2002 (at age 21) and built a multi-million dollar event marketing and management business before age 25. He has since built several successful businesses in the UK, Australia and Singapore.


Daniel predicts that a great trend towards self employment is emerging. In the same way that the Industrial Revolution caused a sea change from cottage industry to factory labour, the entrepreneur revolution will provide the chance for billions of people to turn their passion into their own small business.

Daniel is known for coining the phrase “Global Small Business”.

His latest book Entrepreneur Revolution: How to Develop Your Entrepreneurial Mindset and Start a Business That Works is a best seller and a MUST READ for anyone who wants to gain peace of mind in today’s fast paced business world where the only constant is change.

P32 ‘If you are doing something you hate, I’m here to tell you your sacrifice probably wont deliver a pay-off in the future. You will probably spend a whole lifetime making sacrifices and then get resentful that you’re too old to do the things that really matter to you. If you continue to sacrifice, you will probably realise after its too late that a great life is made up of great days.’ New IDEA: There is no pay day, there is just life.

Are you playing the delayed gratification game?

Old IDEA: Work isn’t meant to be fun.

New IDEA: Fun builds your business.

Key Person of Influence event included the book KPI and explained The 5 Step Sequence to becoming one of the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry.


The event had me thinking how outdated some of the ‘bullying’ tactics from The Apprentice & Dragons Den are, albeit both shows are great ‘reality TV’ entertainment.

speakers DP

The KPI event speakers

Daniel combines tremendous business acumen and skill with a philanthropic ethos, the follow up to decide if future consulting from Daniel and his team at Entrevo is right for your business, comes in the form of a discovery, 2 hour small group (6-12 people) session. Daniel’s team select small businesses to go through The accelerator program, a 9 month growth process.

The £50 cost for the discovery session is donated to Cherie Blair’s women’s charity, Empowering women, driving growth


~ I think this is an inspired next step

If you want to get the edge in business, I recommend you work with Daniel Priestley 

The pictures I took today include some self deprecating humor on my part, and a joyful moment with Ruth Fogg when we heard her son achieved a 1st class degree. Congratulations Duncan Fogg.


With focus, dedication, tenacity and by taking ACTION (not just having an idea) you can achieve anything you fully commit to….I read in the news this morning (15/6/13) that Oli Barrett, 35, who lives in Cookham, has been made an MBE.
Oli dropped out of two university courses but went on to become a successful entrepreneur and is among those in Berkshire to be recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. Oli founded the Tenner scheme which sees children try to make a profit from £10.

‘People should not think they needs vast sums of money to start businesses’ ~ Oli Barrett

In 2007 Stephanie Flanders Economics Editor, BBC Newsnight commented on the Tenner scheme: ‘in a world where the job for life is supposedly dead – and where we’re all being told to be self-starters whether we’ve got the entrepreneurial gene or not – it is difficult to argue that this modest exercise in self-starting is going to do these children any harm’

“Culture is crucial”, says Rebecca Harding, who directs the UK’s Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, a massive annual survey of the state of entrepreneurship.

“In our 2006 survey more than half of British working age people said they had the skills and knowledge to set up a company and that there were good business opportunities available where they live.

“That’s a slightly higher percentage than in the US, and much higher than on the Continent. But a many as 36% said that fear of failure would prevent them from doing it – more than double the percentage in the US.

“That tells you we need to foster a climate that’s less risk averse and forgiving of start-ups that fail.” ~ Rebecca Harding

To circle back to Daniel Priestley’s work; the book Entrepreneur Revolution is packed full of ‘how to’ suggestions and his team in the accelerator program can help you to live your passion and grow your business. Your brain controls the way you think and the way you think controls what you do. P47 of Entrepreneur Revolution describes the working of the brain and made me think about self sabotage patterns, I quote:

The reptile: the survival part of your brain that has you see the world as a dangerous place where most people and most things cant be trusted. Its main purpose is to make sure you can escape and survive any dangerous or stressful situation.

The Monkey: the functional worker part of your brain that has you see the world as a set of challenges and problems for you to play with and explore while you ride the emotional highs and lows that make you feel.

The Empire builder (or Humanitarian if you prefer) part of your brain has you see the world as a deeply connected place that you can transform in a meaningful way.

I invite you to explore :-

Which part of your brain is (the most dominant player) running your show?

Who is in your team who can assist you to create your own Entrepreneur Revolution?


Oneness picture

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Author

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