How To Unleash The Power Of #Twitter

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Attention Small Business Owners, Authors and Entrepreneurs:

My lovely friend Stacey Myers is going to share some great secrets with you……..

Finally! Discover How To Unleash The Power Of Twitter To Market and Grow Your Online Business….

Even If You Know Nothing About It!

Hours and hours spent struggling to discover all of Twitter’s Tips, Tricks and Secrets??

Why put yourself through that?

Learning Twitter by trial and error is not only frustrating but also a waste of your precious time.
So many people either waste hours on Twitter with very poor results… or they have an account that hasn’t been used in months. Which of them are you?

Why are you on Twitter, anyway?

Twitter is used by all kinds of people – from private individuals who use it to keep track of their interests and follow people they know, through to celebrities who use it promote themselves and communicate with fans, and businesses of all sizes – from small local firms through to global multinational organisations.

You need to rise above the 200 million people all over the globe who actively use Twitter, month by month. You need to command authority to build a strong following. You need a fan base or supportive colleagues to sell and earn profits.

Being on Twitter is a strategic move.

Why? Well..

Your clients are on Twitter. Your potential customers are on Twitter. Even your competitors are on Twitter… and so must you!

As a small business owner, author or entrepreneur, Twitter can give you just what you need to success:

  • visibility
  • authority
  • sales.

BUT only if you know how… and when you’re starting out with Twitter or have been there for years without seriously mastering the tricks of the trade or have put your Twitter account on sleep mode…

I’m sorry but you’re sure to fail. For sure. No doubt.



In this 4 hour workshop, you learn everything – from correctly setting up your profile to using the latest tools and strategies, so you can achieve ongoing success on Twitter.
You will discover:

  1. How to set up your Twitter account for great SEO – Yes, your Twitter account does get ranked by Google!
  2. How to find, attract and connect with qualified followers and develop real lasting relationships
  3. How to use Twitter to Drive Targeted Traffic to your Website
  4. What to avoid so you don’t accidentally get your account suspended
  5. Where to find quality content to share that consistently get retweeted – and it’s probably not where you think!

We will also cover:

  1. How to track your efforts so you can see what is working and what needs tweaking
  2. How to develop an ongoing strategy and maintain your momentum without spending hours on Twitter
  3. Using Twitter to become an Authority in your Field
  4. How to implement and maintain a system that is practically on autopilot.
  5. When your done with this workshop, you will not only Tweet like a Pro, but will establish long-term profitable relationships with potential customers.

Because it is delivered in EASY step-by-step instructions, there’s no way you can get this wrong!

Follow The Way of The Expert

So, who do you learn it from? Not just anyone down the street.
Take it from Stacey Myers, a social media strategist and trainer who understands the ins and outs of Twitter.

Stacey has helped over a thousand business owners, just like you, learn to use Social Media to increase their sales, visibility and authority.

Stacey loves Twitter and she tells you why…

  • New clients find me on Twitter.
  • It’s one of the best traffic sources for my website.
  • I’ve been invited to be a guest on various shows…so much fun!
  • Found some great guests for my podcast show…Wow!
  • Various business opportunities have come my way.
  • I’ve hosted my own TweetUp Events – where people on Twitter meet up in real life!

Indeed, Twitter is Stacey’s favourite playground and she is always eager to educate business owners on the benefits of Twitter for Networking, driving traffic and building relationships.

Benefit from Stacey’s countless hours of training and experience… and learn her SECRET on how she took her own Twitter account from nothing to over 15,000 followers.

Click here to get your training and please do let me know how many followers you end up with…….

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