He knows we are reliable

This is a powerful blog post – from a colleague who is a services manager at Nacro Housing based in North Wales – about choice and consequences….

He knows we are reliable….

Whilst on my knees, rubber gloves donned, scrubbing the floor of the ladies loo in our office following one dissatisfied customer staging his messy protest all over said  loo and floor, I mused that this wasn’t exactly the kind of service user feedback we had envisaged in our push to encourage service users to have their say.

Actually, this particular customer wasn’t, in fact, eligible to be a service user if we were to go by the exact letter of the law, as he doesn’t technically fit any criteria for any of our funded schemes.

That said, he has been accessing our services on an as-and-when basis for the past 6 or 7 years. When a lot of other services out there have sent him on his merry way, he turns up at our office. On the whole, he manages quite well and tends to approach us if he needs reassurance about a particular situation. So what is it that draws him? Our project staff, despite him not being eligible, treat him courteously, listen to him, offer him advice, offer him a friendly environment, but are clear about the boundaries. This latest set-to was because of the latter. He was unhappy when he was told that we would not help him in his latest ploy to scam the DWP/college for money that he wasn’t entitled to. He was further annoyed when he was challenged about his comment that “no one ever wanted to help” him. Following his protest he skedaddled, but will undoubtedly return at some point when his luck has run out with everyone else because our staff team are reliable (and the salt of the earth) and he knows that. However, unbeknown to him, what he will find is that because we are also focused on the outcome of helping people own up to the consequences of their actions, he will be having a word with me, clearer-upper of his messy protest, and be issued with a temporary ban.

Jess Hymus-Gant

Services Manager, North Wales
Found on Nacro intranet December 2015

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