Everyone’s a winner

Damsels in Success is about changing the way that women live and work

The CEO Lucie Bradbury has a big dream; she wants every woman to know their worth, to know that they are ALREADY enough; every moment of every day, for women to have complete choice over everything, to remove the conflict between home and work.

‘I believe if you can take your work home, then you can take your kids to work’ ~ Lucie Bradbury

Lucie Bradbury has a wish for humanity, a pioneering vision to create a world where men and women are free to be themselves, free to embrace their differences and work together, to work not just in partnership but in polarity, where everyone has the freedom to be themselves; for men to be men and women to be women, sounds simple but in reality there are always competing priorities and responsibilities which can lead to conflict.

‘I believe when we get rid of the conflict in our hearts we will get rid of the conflict in the world’ ~ Lucie Bradbury

Getting rid of conflict starts with self, it starts with understanding how damaging negative self-talk is (we all do it) ~ would you talk to your best friend the way you (sometimes) talk to yourself?

If you find you are putting yourself down a lot then reverse this habit. I invite you to create your own mind-set shift, a shift that will transform the way you view yourself and your place in the world. Replace negative thoughts with empowering, gentle, kind, self-talk. Start with small daily practices, be nice to yourself, acknowledge yourself for good deeds (however small), praise yourself, then gradually our collective self-esteem will be raised. Don’t belong to the self-beaters club is a saying I heard from Gary King many years ago, it is the key to ending conflict; we should all STOP beating ourselves up, acknowledge and value our contributions and as Lucie points out, get that we are already enough.

We are all a work in progress, do your best, be happy with progress rather than perfection, enjoy the journey, enJOY your life.

On Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending the Damsels in Success annual ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Awards ceremony

james lavers

The event was hosted by the witty James Lavers and the quotes I have used in this blog were from Lucie’s opening speech, which was rounded off by us all singing ‘Don’t stop me now’ by Queen ♫♥♪ a rousing song, I love that all the Damsels meetings start with a song ♫♥♪

I was moved by the winner’s stories and by the loving sense of community and powerful TEAM spirit. Together Everyone Achieves More

Here is a list of the winners

Author/Blogger – Hannah Davis

Business Growth – Grace Togun

Coach/Mentor – Dion Johnson

Overcoming Adversity – Fran Tyler

Shining Online – Heather Othick

Trainer/Speaker – Janet Jones

Woman in the Community – Alison Cross-Jones

Woman to Watch/Rising Star – Helen Turier

Women’s Role Model/Advocate – Mel Scott

Damsels in Success Inspirational Member – Karen Dell-Armi

Damsels in Success Director of the year – Sandra Peachey

damsels  award

Winners pictured here doing the customary Damsels In Success WOW!

Damsels in Success gives time and space every month to a community of inspired women who desire to live life to the full, express themselves freely and embrace their own feminine spirit. ~ Everyone’s a winner.

♫♥♪ enJOY some Hot Chocolate – Every 1’s a winner a hit from 1978 ♫♥♪


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