We ALL have a part to play to reduce crime and make our communities SAFE.

Compelling comment from Graham Beech of Nacro, the crime reduction charity:- ……….


Nacro makes the case for the voluntary sector and communities to play bigger role in rehabilitation

Hosting fringe events at both Labour and Conservative Party conferences recently, Nacro, the crime reduction charity, claims the voluntary sector can make a real difference.

Nacro’s key speaker, Strategic Development Director, Graham Beech, stressed the opportunities for the voluntary sector and local communities in the rehabilitation of offenders, a key point highlighted in the recent Centre for Social Justice report, The New Probation Landscape – why the voluntary sector matters if we are going to reduce reoffending.

Graham Beech, said:

“When you work with persistent offenders you have to get right down to the wiring. You have to get underneath how they see themselves, how they see others, how they perceive situations and how they deal with problems day to day.

“You have to make them stop and you have to make them think, giving them a different perspective about the people around them and the skills they need to do things differently.

“But you also have to spend as much time working in the community as you do with individuals themselves because to get sustainable results you have to work both sides of the divide, narrowing the gap between the offender and the community. Because it’s in this gap where crime takes place

“Voluntary sector organisations are able to bridge the gap between offender and community, building positive relationships which not only challenge an individual to change but also open doors to achieve lasting success.

“The CSJ report shows that it is time to think differently about the services charities provide in communities to reduce reoffending. From the delivery of large scale substance misuse programmes, housing people with complex needs, specialist education and skills services to volunteer mentoring, role models and employer engagement we can make a significant impact on rehabilitation services in the future.”



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