Christmas messages of HOPE by Nacro Service Users

Last working day of the year for many was yesterday, 22nd December 2017 and it is the day I was beaming with pride when the Nacro media team published the Nacro Service User Christmas messages of HOPE on Nacro YouTube site:

Many Nacro staff will not be on holiday as support continues 24/7:-

We change lives
We support, house, educate, advise, and speak out for and with disadvantaged young people and adults.

I manage the Community Voice work, which is all about putting forward the ideas, suggestions, compliments and complaints of the people who use our many and varied services and communicating same to Nacro Trustees and Leadership teams fostering two way communication and providing the formal link between service users and staff in the governance structure of Nacro.

Christmas messages of hope is a service user lead project, it is much more powerful when the service users speak candidly about their experience, their voices help Nacro design, quality check and deliver new services.

Nacro service users across England and Wales from the different and varied Nacro projects, were empowered to record Happy Christmas video messages of hope.

The Community Voice project brief was to showcase

  • Something they accomplished in 2017, whilst at Nacro and in their community voice roles.
  • Goals for 2018
  • Advice from one service user to another.
  • Messages of Hope.

My role is all about empowering other people.

All service users benefited from taking ownership of this project.

Totton College Tutor Max Jung of Totton College Creative Industries wrote

“I took this task to let the students work on their leadership and directing skills. So these videos were completely student made,

I thought it might be more beneficial for the students if they took ownership of this project.

This was actually a really useful experience for the students”

4 mins in and the song that features on this website called ‘Happier’ plays, this song was written for me 5+ years ago and it fits perfectly. Thanks to Chris Dowling and my magnificent musician friends.

During the song, Laura from the Prevention Alliance Stockport speaks about the difference Nacro service has made to her life and her realisation that the difference is actually down to her taking responsibility for herself and her life.

6 mins in and Tony from Grantham outlines the proactive Community voice work and camaraderie they have built at the Lincolnshire Housing project.

The videos from across the country were edited and produced by Simon Leavesley a service user from London Westminster.
Scott from Nacro Media and I met with Simon on 20th December to review the video final cut.

Simons commitment and dedication was fantastic and I can see endless possibilities of working with Simon filming training guides for other service users. The future is very bright.

Footnote: empowering people
Giving people opportunity to shine encouraging and supporting them via the staff teams. I recorded my own message which is all about the spirit of Christmas

I was excited to record this off the cuff in the grotto at Nacro Loman Street Head office. My message: It does not have to be perfect, let’s all give each other TIME and get in the ♥ Christmas spirit 

Merry Christmas everyone.

Love & Smiles Rose x ☆¨¯`♥ ¸.☆¨¯`♥ ¸.☆¨¯`♥

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