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In 2012, my musician friends wrote a song titled: ‘CCTV.’

At that time, I was delivering training to young people who were experiencing bullying and peer pressure, a line in the CCTV song that resonated then is 🎶Bystanders are as guilty as the ones who did the deed🎶


Listen to the lyrics ♫♥♪¨¯`♥

Last Thursday: 29th June 2017,  I took this picture in Eastbourne and thought about the CCTV song.

note the (wink) Smile! You’re on CCTV (ˆ◡ˆ)

Today, 2nd July 2017,  I find myself posting in Wraysbury News, my village Facebook group, about fly tipping; which sadly happens repeatedly in our village car park, behind the Old School, where I live.

CCTV is a potential solution.

I find myself again thinking about the CCTV song applying this line from the song lyrics to the fly tippers: 🎶 you spend your life in the shadows, where you think we don’t see 🎶

Our community will now need to consider the pros and cons of CCTV.  I say to myself ‘take action, do NOT be a bystander!’

Listen to the messages of the song ♫♥♪¨¯`♥
🎶 I live my life with Love, make my decisions with Love, I made that choice so hear my voice 🎶

What happened to the gift of choice
🎶…………..and CCTV.

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