Business in the Community stands for responsible business.

I attended a round table discussion with Mark Hoban MP Minister for Employment and was delighted to be invited to Responsible Business Week hosted by Business in the Community (BITC)

BITC stands for responsible business
One of The Prince’s Charities, a group of not-for-profit organisations. 2010 marked 25 years of The Prince of Wales as President
A unique business movement committed to transforming business and transforming communities. The aim is to build resilient communities, diverse workplaces and a more sustainable future.

In my work for Nacro I help people who have a criminal record obtain employment.

Evidence suggests that employment reduces re-offending by up to 50%.

Ban the Box – a campaign led by the National Employment Law Project in the USA – calls for the removal of the box on application forms requesting information about unspent criminal convictions. The campaign proposes that the tick box be removed unless the position requires it by law. This call to action has achieved success in a number of cities in the US.

In August 2012 Bob Ashford resigned as the Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Avon and Somerset, when he realised that a childhood offence barred him from standing.

Something needs to change to ensure all employers can widen access to employment to a large and untapped group and, as a result, benefit from their skills and abilities.

What is the best way to enable work-ready (ex) offenders to make it to interview and get assessed on their ability? How do we ensure that candidates with unspent criminal convictions are judged on their suitability for a role rather than anything else?

Is ‘banning the box’ a practical and appropriate ask for employers in the UK too…what do you think?


Bob, Rose, Edwina — at Guildhall Art Gallery and London’s Roman Amphitheatre.

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