A new take on resolutions

It’s review of the year time and I enjoyed 2 social media posts this New year’s eve.

The first is by David Taylor  – Great questions to ponder:-

Who do you want to become in 2016?

What lesson did you learn in 2015 that you are going to take forward into 2016?

What word defined you in 2015?

What word do you choose to define in you 2016?

Who do you want to serve in 2016?

What do you want more of in 2016?

What do you want to let go of in 2016?

What is the one decision that could change everything for you in 2016?

Who are you becoming in 2016?

The full post is here 

The word I want to define my 2016 – is:  R E L A X


Now watch this video from the Facebook page of A Smith

Great advice ☆ I love the way he explains 5 keys to BEing Happy with a beaming SMILE (ˆ◡ˆ)

1. Own your own happiness
2.Challenge your own story
3. Enjoy the journey – celebrate all along the way
4. Make relationships count, including the relationship with yourself
5. Balance work with play


happy new Year 2016

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