SBCP Annual Conference

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Slough Business Community Partnership[/caption]

Thank you to Noreen and Bob Jones for an enjoyable Slough Business Community Partnership (SBCP) annual conference held at the lovely new Hilton T5 Hotel in Colnbrook on Thursday 28th November 2013.
I traveled back from an intense 2 days Nacro safeguarding training by the NSPCC in Birmingham and this was a welcome chance for me to relax, listen to inspirational presentations and network.

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Inspiring your people
Francis Goss spoke of motivational forces beyond money, showing how our human reward systems get activated by things like time off work and treats rather than money: Cash often just gets absorbed in the day to day household budget. ~ Francis Goss.
I was reminded of the statistic that says money stops being a motivator for the majority beyond £25K PA salary threshold (i.e. enough to cover base needs).

The theme of the conference was how people can make a difference, and we heard inspirational stories from Mark Francis of Star Commercial Academy of people who lead through DOing.

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Katie Hyson of Telefonica UK – O2 gave us compelling statistics on the Return On Investment when employees get involved in community projects and a review of the positive impact and benefits of employees getting involved in community matters.

After the awards ceremony, Rob Deeks spoke about his experience of mentoring .  His conflict resolution charity Aik-Saath ( Punjabi for together as one) had a mentor from Mars UK

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Networking over a lovely buffet supper I met with Jenny Scully and Mary Cloake from Young Enterprise
Mary Louise Grace of First Aid Training Service, and Barry Hill of Thames Valley Business Advisors Ltd.

Rob Deeks gave me details of yesslough which is all about Youth Engagement in Slough and has free activities in Chalvey for Young People aged 11-19.  Further info visit: Yes

I am reflecting on the people I have been lucky enough to be mentored by over the years and the saying – ‘life is either an example or a warning!’

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