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Happiness is commensurate with the amount of UNCERTAINTY you can take ~ Let it go.

YOU are RESPONSIBLE for every word you put in the public domain ~ I challenge you to make your words uplifting ~ think about how your words influence other people. ✿⊱╮♥✿⊱╮♥(¸.·¨¯`☆ Don’t take anything personally – Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, […]

Key Person of Influence ~ Daniel Priestley

I am proud to say I have known Daniel Priestley for c5 years, his knowledge of how to run a successful business is second to none and comes from his passion for studying the Sunday Times Rich list, and his innate ability to network at the highest level, he has an understanding of business that […]

Everyone’s a winner

Damsels in Success is about changing the way that women live and work The CEO Lucie Bradbury has a big dream; she wants every woman to know their worth, to know that they are ALREADY enough; every moment of every day, for women to have complete choice over everything, to remove the conflict between home […]