Does your work give you STRESS ?

Have you ever run any of these phrases through your mind?

·         Too much work not enough life.

·         How could I possibly change career now?

·         This is my pinnacle, what’s next?

·         I hate my job.

·         I wish I had tried xxx when I was younger.

·         I’ve done this too long to be able to do anything else.

·         There must be more to life than work.

Have you found yourself talking to friends and colleagues about them?

….You’re never going to do anything about it all are you?

Please just stop for a few minutes and consider, why not do something about it?

Sophisticated technology and instant global communications make it possible to work anytime, anywhere and it is harder than ever to strike the right balance between work and our private lives.

Workaholics, climbing corporate ladders at the expense of families, friendships, partners and their health often feel unhappy and unfulfilled; even when cherished ambitions are achieved.
Stuck on a treadmill of deadlines and targets with lives out of balance suffering acute stress with risks of mental and physical breakdown.
It is vital to get life in balance.
When the balance is right there is space for fun, interests, hobbies, relationships and the self (me time) as well as work.
Protection against stress and the vicissitudes of life.
A balanced life is vital to health and happiness and key to avoiding the damaging effects of stress
Assess your life regularly and redress the balance with the tips and articles found here at work stress to success.


Work your Stress to Success.

Your transition guide: Coaching, training, products and services to achieve your optimal work/life balance. Move on with our positive solutions for your peace of mind


My name is Rose Evans I’m the founder of Work Stress to Success. My aim in life is to lift people’s spirits and I help people to change career direction and to get that sometimes elusive work life balance.

I know it can be done, I have transitioned my own career four times across industry from Bank Manager to Head-Hunter to IT Sales to Career Coach for UK Government, and I now work in the Charity sector, at each step I faced people telling me ‘you can’t break into this industry, you don’t have the experience’ however, with a commitment to lifelong professional and personal development, tenacity and determination I have proved that you can change industry, job role and career direction.

At Work Stress to Success we will share with you the latest distinctions from modern neuroscience, how to increase confidence and self-esteem, overcome stress and depression, and the many leadership and success tools from the personal development industry.  The tools, products, services and people we recommend are robust and tested personally by Rose so you don’t have to go trawling through the many inadequate solutions that internet searches may suggest, saving you time and leading quickly to your peace of mind, success and happiness, to the dream life that you deserve.

If you want more joy in life or are facing redundancy, maybe you achieved a goal then thought I feel flat, something’s missing, I want more for myself and my life, then you have landed in the right place, success is not just about getting what you want, success is wanting what you get.

Don’t put it off, don’t delay, make contact today and start your plan to live your life to its fullest, our input and support can get you there.

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Life is too short to be in a job you don’t love or to be unhappily unemployed.
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Ask yourself the quality questions, start with this one: What would you LOVE to do that someone else would LOVE to give you money for?

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“At the end of each day, you should play back the tapes of your performance. The results should either applaud you or prod you.” – Jim Rohn